【Value Pack】Luo Si Fen River Snail Rice Noodles - 10 Pieces* 9.87oz

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Product Highlights

Authentic Liuzhou-style Luo Si Fen Snail Rice Noodles at great value

Spicy, Flavorful & Sour, with Luo Si Fen's signature smell

Easy to cook at home


Looking for an authentic bowl of Luo Si Fen to enjoy from home? These Snail Rice Noodles from LUOBAWANG are sure to hit the spot. Packed with flavor, rich in Luo Si Fen's signature smell, you won't get a better bowl of these noodles outside of Liuzhou.

Luo Si Fen Snail Rice Noodles, originating in Liuzhou, Guangxi, is one of the most popular foods to come out of China. Prepared using a broth of fresh Liuzhou river snails and pork bones, rice noodles, pickled bamboo shoots, and a range of other flavorful ingredients, Luo Si Fen isn't for everyone, but if you haven't tried it yet, there are a number of reasons you owe it to yourself to give it a chance.

It's unique. Snail Rice Noodles are known for their distinctive smell, which has led the dish to be known as "the Durian of soups." This smell comes from the dish's signature pickled bamboo shoots. Not everyone likes it, but those who do can't get enough.

It's delicious. At least, lots of people think so. In June of 2020, Luo Si Fen producers pumped out over 2.5 million soup packets per day.

It's healthy. Often, enjoying instant noodles can come with a pang of guilt. But Luo Si Fen's numerous spices act as natural preservatives; the preparation of the broth is similar to that of a traditional homemade stew; and the dish's signature noodles are cooked to a perfect, fresh al dente using proprietary automated methods.

And if you're a little worried about eating snails, keep in mind there are no actual snails in the soup, they're only used to make the broth.


1. Soak the rice noodles in cold water for 1 hour or boil them for 10-20 minutes. 2. Put the prepared noodles in a bowl, and boil 500ml of water (just over 2 cups). 3. Add the soup ingredients and the noodles, and boil until the noodles can be cut with chopsticks. 4. Add peanuts and chili oil to taste.


Brand Origin China
Ingredients Snails, sour bamboo shoots, yuba, peanuts, etc.
Organic Non-organic
Package Size 10 Bags
Net Content 10 Packs
Flavor Original Flavor

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